6 Sell-Out Shows & Awarded Patrons’ Pick @ Toronto Fringe!

SPEND YOUR KIDS’ INHERITANCE is a reverse coming-of-age musical comedy-drama about four seniors who plot to regain control of their finances and escape the Alpine Retirement Home.

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A newcomer upsets the status quo, unleashing repressed desires and igniting conflict between staff and residents and their adult children. These struggles, and their dreams for their futures, create a bond between four of the Home’s residents – Claire, Alice, Hal and Nelly. They embark on a journey that forces them to wrestle with the power of choice and its consequences, and that challenges stereotypes about age, love, family, friendship … and freedom.

Toronto Fringe Patrons' Pick Musical - Spend Your Kids' Inheritance

Spend Your Kids Inheritance - Patrons Pick Toronto Fringe Festival (photo by Jamie Thompson)

The energy and joy which flows off that stage must be experienced to be believed… It’s unique, it’s good, and it must be selling like hotcakes. – Mike Anderson, Mooney on Theatre
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Listed in two #FringeMyWay must-see lists!

Jason Murray (Chair of the Board, Toronto Fringe)

Derrick Chua (Theatre Producer)


My parents began to travel after they retired and with each trip they’d gleefully announce to us kids: ‘we’re spending your inheritance!’
– Catherine Frid, Playwright

These characters don’t display the stereotypical contented, disgruntled or weak seniors. They use their singing voices to show their strong feelings, passions, ambitions and drive towards big goals   – Frank Horvat, Composer

This musical takes us into the world of a retirement home and through humour, honesty and music aims to take the audience on an entertaining and thoughtful journey into the lives of our elders  – Andrew Lamb, Director